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It’s not bisexuals who make bisexuality complicated

May 28, 2015
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Complicated? is a new report published by the Equality Network based on hundreds of bi people’s experiences of biphobia in accessing services – both public services like health and policing, and LGBT services like helplines and community centres. Building on The Bisexuality Report and with recommendations for service providers it’s an eye-opener.  Read it...
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1,201,607 is more than 734,300

May 23, 2015

1,201,607 for same-sex marriage and 734,300 against it means that the Republic of Ireland has set itself on course to be the 20th country to legislate for same-sex marriage, and the first to do it by popular acclaim. One vote would have been enough...
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Leicester’s got Fun

May 15, 2015

Big Bi Fun Day returns to Leicester this Saturday. The annual bis-and-allies afternoon has run each May for several years now and is a family-friendly social space. If you would like to bring food to share, that would be appreciated (but is not obligatory)....
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More LGBT MPs, fewer Bi MPs

May 12, 2015
photo: Houses of Parliament

Bi Community News reports that following the General Election the UK has fewer bisexual MPs – down to just one openly bisexual Member of Parliament. During the campaign polls...
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BiCon’s planning a Ball

May 3, 2015

This year’s BiCon Ball theme has been announced by the 2015 team. BiCon’s fabulous Saturday night Ball is always much anticipated. This year, we’ll excel ourselves. Inspired by our...
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Bi mag hot off the presses

April 27, 2015

The latest issue of bisexual magazine BCN is out now. You can order issue 130 or subscribe online here Features include: Stonewall: Have they finally caught up with the...
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ECJ neutral on blood ban

April 25, 2015
European Union Flag

The European Court of Justice has ruled that blood donation bans on men who have sex with men may be justifiable and are a matter for member states to...
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Help promote BiCon 2015

April 22, 2015

BiCon Nottingham have printed a big pile of flyers – can you help distribute them? The A6 (postcard) size leaflets are ready to go, they just need homes to...
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Bringing children to BiCon?

April 21, 2015

This year’s annual bisexual gathering BiCon has unveiled its plans for creche facilities. The childcare this year is provided by Bulwell Community Toy Library. The organisers say it will be...
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