8th & 9th December 1984: The Politics Of Bisexuality

Putting the B in LGBT History MonthWe’ve already mentioned its role as home of the first UK bi group but London has another claim to fame in modern bi history.

Three years after London Bi Group’s first meeting, they organised a two-day conference to talk about all things bi. Titled “The Politics Of Bisexuality“, that two-day meeting at the Factory Community Project was a first step that grew to become an annual conference still held to this day – though we now know it as BiCon.

The conference write-up in the ensuing edition of Bi Monthly talks about defining bisexuality, bisexuality and politics, and ‘image’ – what we might now talk about as bisexual invisibility and ‘passing’. It also highlighted education, the need to reach young people with support and information.

There were two such conferences in 1985, and they have been held every year since, becoming a pillar of the UK bi scene – this summer’s event in Bradford will be the 30th.



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