Dutch Minister welcomes Bi Report

Marja van Bijsterveldt, Minister of Education and LGBT equality in the Netherlands, next week opens a new bi exhibition and launch of a report on bi life in that country.

A week from now (May 31st) the exhibition “Bi in Picture” in the Offsite Links in the Amsterdam Public Library opens.

As the exhibition opens the Minister will welcome an accompanying report. It is set to break new ground in reflecting bi life in the Netherlands.

Compiled by the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau and the National Bisexual Network (LNBi) the report finds that bisexuals, although in size perhaps the largest sexual minority, remain the most invisible. More than ten percent of Dutch people identify themselves as bisexual, but few openly identify as bi.

Over 50% of bi men report that they have not come out to their partner.

The exhibition and report give vivid examples of the diversity of bisexuals and bi life. Rather than focus only on the problems bis experience, it speaks of people’s positive experiences of being bi.