Lynne talks same-sex marriage on Gaydar

With 8 days to go until the same-sex marriage consultation ends, this morning equality minister Lynne Featherstone MP was on the radio talking about the government’s consultation on same-sex marriage.

In interview with Gaydar Radio, she said: “Marriage is one of the most important institutions we have. The state should not stop people getting married unless there are very good reasons, and frankly being lesbian gay or bisexual are not good reasons”

“The government will respond later in the year. How to do this, not whether, and we will legislate before the end of the parliament in 2015”

“Of course we have said we’re going to do it but you’d have to be under a rock not to know there is a massive campaign against it. We want to hear all the views as loudly as each other – the LGBT community and also the straight community who support it as much.”

Of those campaigning against equal marriage, does it frustrate her? “I believe in freedom of speech, and there are many frustrations in political life!”

Of religious organisations – some have made it clear that they do want to provide same-sex weddings in their premises while others are set firmly against: “the concerns have to be addressed, there is a fear they will be forced (by the Equality Act)… there are organisations that want the right to hold religious same-sex marriages, we will look at the responses and look at whether we have got it right or not”

You can do it online, or “just write to the home office and give us your views on the right to have same-sex marriage”.

With a week left, act now! Here is the consultation site.