Marriage Proposals to Improve?

Same-sex couples may be able to marry in places of worship soon after all.

The outcome of the UK Government’s consultation on same-sex marriage is set to be published in the next few days. It has been suggested that this will move forward from the initial proposal, which was for the introduction only of civil marriage for same-sex couples.

A number of bisexual groups including BCN magazine, Bisexual Index, BiUK and BiPhoria made submissions to the consultation.

Bi Community News editor Jen Yockney said, “If the rumours are true this will be a welcome improvement in how same-sex marriage will be implemented. With civil partnerships, as well as their being limited to same-sex couples only in the final legislation, it took nearly seven years for them to be allowed in religious premises.”

“Many religious groups want to be able to recognise and formalise same-sex relationships among their congregations – it would be a shame to deny them that opportunity.”

“Many bisexuals are already married. Hopefully the government will move forward quickly now in allowing many more to be.”