Here’s to 2013!

That’s 2012 all wrapped up then.

Bisexuality Report coverThe bi story of the year that seems set to have the biggest impact in the UK was the launch of The Bisexuality Report in February. A broadside to the wider LGBT ‘movement’ and to mainstream policy-makers alike, it brought together all the best research in the UK on bi life, presented in a way that deliberately breaks things down by subject – education, health, employment – showing how it’s different for bis. A great resource both for understanding things for yourself, and for using to lobby people in positions of power.

2012 also gave us the first BiCon in Yorkshire, the unveiling of guidelines for academics & researchers working on bisexuality, and the biggest and most successful Bi Visibility Day yet – one town hall even flying the bi flag for a week to mark the date. The third BiReCon brought together activists, academics and ‘the bi in the street’ while 10 Downing Street finally remembered the B in its annual LGBT garden party.

Coalition for Equal Marriage logo

One law for all

In wider LGBT circles the main story of the year has been same-sex marriage.

The government consulted on its initial proposals for this – bi groups including BCN magazine, BiPhoria, Bisexual Index and BiUK put in their comments. In December the proposals unveiled were a lot bolder than initially suggested, picking up many of the issues bi groups had highlighted in their submissions. A range of LGBT and ally groups united under the Coalition For Equal Marriage: BCN magazine was one of the first eight supporting groups to be announced.

And in the mainstream news the big stories were the Jubilee and the Olympics. The Royal Family (officially) remains a bastion of heterosexuality, though we’ll pause for a moment to welcome the progress toward scrapping the sexist rule on succession. However the Olympics had its queer heroes including bisexual boxer Nicola Adams who the Independent pinned at the top of its LGBT “pink list” of the year after made history as the first woman and first out LGBT person to take gold at Olympic level boxing. A few months later in the New Year’s Honours List she was given the MBE.