Backbencher bids to extend Civil Partnership

photo: Houses of ParliamentConservative MP for East Worthing & Shoreham Tim Loughton will tomorrow propose the extension of Civil Partnerships to mixed-sex couples.

The proposal is a very short Private Members Bill that would simply remove the words “same-sex” from the original 2004 Act

Loughton voted against same-sex marriage last year, writing to a constituent as Minister for Children and Families that, “for me, marriage as a religious institution cannot be anything other than between a man and a woman, and particularly when all the rights and responsibilities of marriage are available to non-heterosexual couples through civil partnerships.”

Bi Community News editor Jen Yockney told BiMedia: “It may have come from an unexpected quarter but this would be a welcome reform, largely restoring the Civil Partnership legislation to the original Bill as proposed in 2002, which the government of the time rewrote to exclude mixed-sex couples.”

“The BCN reader survey two years ago showed strong support from bis for this change.”

Find out more about the progress of the Bill here.