Leicester’s got Fun

Bring & share!

Big Bi Fun Day returns to Leicester this Saturday. The annual bis-and-allies afternoon has run each May for several years now and is a family-friendly social space.

If you would like to bring food to share, that would be appreciated (but is not obligatory). If you do bring food to share, please make sure it is fully labelled with all ingredients as there may be people with food allergies.

Unlike some bi events and local meetups there are no organised discussion sessions, so if you are looking for support around being bisexual you may want to find a group near you.

It is free to attend (though donations to cover the costs of venue hire, tea, coffee and so on are strongly encouraged)

Big Bi Fun Day will be held in Leicester at the Friends Meeting House, 16 Queens Road, LE2 1WP this Saturday (16th May), 1pm to 5pm.

Find out more on the Big Bi Fun Day webpage.