Bi Book of the year? Lammy shortlist published

News from across the Atlantic as the list of the 2008 nominees for the Bisexual category in the Lambda Literary Awards (“the Lammies”). All are books with bi themes published in 2007, and the category covers both fiction or non-fiction.

1. Look Both Ways, Jennifer Baumgardner (Farrar, Strauss & Giroux)
2. Lord Carabas, James Buchanan (Phaze)
3. Crossdressing, Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cleis Press)
4. Chat Room and Other Latino Plays, Leo Cabranes-Grant (Floricanto Press)
5. Wolf Tales III, Kate Douglas (Kensington)
6. Wolf Tales IV, Kate Douglas (Kensington)
7. Landing, Emma Donoghue (Harcourt)
8. Becoming Visible, Beth Firestein, Ed., (Columbia University Press)
9. Bisexual Women, M. Paz Galupo, PhD, (Haworth Press)
10. Include Me Out, Farley Granger (St. Martin’s Press)
11. Split Screen, Brett Hartinger (Harper Collins Children’s Books)
12. The Tourists, Jeff Hobbs (Simon & Schuster)
13. What if It Feels Good?, D.J. McLaurin (Taylor Nicole Publishing)
14. Summer Club & The Creatures, James A. Richards (GLB Publishers)
15. Somewhere in the Double Rainbow, Cheryl Stobie (University of Kwala Zule-Natal Press)
16. Baby Love, Rebecca Walker (Riverhead Books)
17. The Mandrake Broom, Jess Wells (Firebrand Books)

Last year’s winner was The Bisexual’s Guide To The Universe.

Lammy Nominees for Bisexual Category 2006

The nominations for the new Bisexual category in the Lammy book awards, in alphabetical order:

1.. Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual Women and Bisexual Men edited by Ronald C. Fox, PhD (Haworth Press, due out Oct 2006)
2.. Bi Guys: A Fiction Anthology edited by Ron Suresha (Haworth Press, November 2006)
3.. Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way by Ron Jackson Suresha and Pete Chvany (Haworth Press, January 2006)
4.. The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips, and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways by Nicole Kristal and Mike Szymanski (Alyson Books, Oct 2006)
5.. Doo-Lang Love by Chad Sosna, I-Universe
6.. Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves by Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio (Haworth Press, December 2006)
7.. Five Married Men by Martin Brant (iUniverse, Inc. July 16, 2006)
8.. Incognito Street by Barbara Sjoholm, Seal Press
9.. Jesus in Love by Kittredge Cherry, AndroGyne Press
10.. The Mandrake Broom by Jess Wells, Firebrand
11.. Spin Control by Chris Moriarty (Bantam Spectra, June 27, 2006)
12.. Three Sides to Every Story by Clarence Nero, Harlem Moon Doubleday
13.. Stolen by Annette Lapointe (Anvil Press)

Fritz takes 2006 Dutch Bi-Award

The Bi-Award 2006 has been granted posthumously to researcher/bi-activist Fritz Klein by the National Bisexual Network (LNBi). The award was presented during the Autumn Party Nijmegen, organised by the local bi-organisation Gobi and the national bi-organisation LNBi. The award was presented Luc Houtkamp, LNBi’s president to Ron Fox, bi author, researcher, and activist, who accepted the award on behalf of Klein’s partner Tom Reise. According to the National Bisexual Network (LNBi), the Bi-Award is granted annually to a Dutch person who has made an extraordinary contribution in the area of bisexuality. This was the first year, in recognition of the work of Fritz Klein that the award was granted to someone from outside the Netherlands.

Dr. Fritz Klein (USA), who died on May 24, 2006 at the age of 73, was an exceptional researcher in the field of bisexuality. With his Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG) – a model of sexual orientation which leaves the either/or binary thinking of hetero/homo behind – he developed a vision which has for ever changed thinking about sexuality, gender, and sexual orientation. He created a multidimensional and more inclusive basis for the scientific study of bisexuality.

Fritz Klein, with his organization, the Bisexual Foundation, and his website was a committed activist as well. His 1978 book “The Bisexual Option” (published in 1979 in Dutch as “De biseksuele keuze”) continues to be a standard work on bisexuality (republished in a second edition in 1993), supporting people with bisexual feelings all over the world. Apart from the fact that Fritz maintained a very special relationship with that country, his efforts have had a tremendous effect on the emancipation of the Dutch bisexual community. These are the reasons why LNBi decided this year to grant the Bi-Award posthumously to Fritz Klein.

‘Volunteer of the Year’ award for bi community activist

A local bisexual community activist was one of twelve volunteers from across Greater Manchester honoured for impact on their communities at a reception with the Lord Mayor in Manchester Town Hall yesterday (26/10/05).

Jen Yockney was recognised for her work in running support organisations for people coming out as bisexual over the past decade, and inspiring others to play an active part in building a bi community. She received a specially cast medal from the Royal Mint.

The Home Office-backed Year of the Volunteer awards are a nationwide scheme with 401 award winners in each of five categories, making 2005 winners in total.

Jen said, “naturally I’m delighted but I didn’t set out doing this work for the gongs! It’s been great helping and meeting so many people over the years, often as they are coming out whether from previously identifying as gay or as heterosexual.”

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