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Wanted: your bi news, whether local or national

The midsummer edition of bisexual magazine Bi Community News is coming soon – the BCN team say that the submission deadline is June 12th.

Please make sure you get your local and national bi and bi-relevant news in to them in plenty of time!

Photos, articles, cartoons, news, diary dates and more: get in touch via the BCN website.

Bi magazine focuses on health

BCN magazine - Spring 2014

BCN magazine - Spring 2014The latest issue of bisexual magazine BCN is out now with a focus on bisexual health in the light of the Beyond Babies report, and exploring real human stories that underly the statistics on bi experience.

The BiCon 2013 survey findings are highlighted too – what do bis read, where do they surf the web, and how have the demographics of the people who go to the UK’s biggest bi event changed over the last decade.

They also look at what is coming up at the 2014 BiCon, IDAHOBIT (the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) and more besides.

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Out North West closes

out north west

Another LGBT magazine folds

One of the best known regional LGBT magazines has announced it is to close this week. Manchester-based Out North West has been publishing for fourteen years, varying back and forth between bimonthly and monthly publication in that time. However the tightening of budgets and shift toward getting news online rather than on paper has brought its run to a close.

Out North West attracted criticism for giving regular platform to biphobic and bi-erasing writers over its 141 issues, and not having a counterpoint bi-positive section until the last couple of years of its run. Nonetheless it was a reliable reflection of the wider queer scene in Liverpool, Manchester and surrounding areas which will be missed.

New issue of BCN out now

BCN magazine issue 123 coverThe new issue of bisexual magazine BCN is out now with features on research into bi women’s experiences, the bi award that wasn’t, BiCon 2013’s accounts and much more.

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Journal of Bisexuality focuses on Education

Journal of Bisexuality coverThe new edition of USA academic quarterly the Journal Of Bisexuality is out now. 

This edition is Volume 14, Issue 1, and subtitled “Special Issue: Bisexuality in Education: Exploring the Experiences, Resourcing, and Representations of Bisexual Students, Bisexual Parents, and Educators in Educational Systems” which probably tells you everything about it you need to know!

It looks at experiences in schools in the USA, New Zealand and Australia, and how bisexual erasure impacts the health and educational attainments of bi students.

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