Another “bi = killer” story

PinkNews is among many sites talking about American NFL player Aaron Hernandez’s death and asking whether he killed his friend Odin Lloyd in order to hide his bisexuality from his girlfriend. More here.

The Big Issue Talks Bi

The Big Issue in the North has a feature about bisexuality and the role of bi groups in tackling isolation. It also touches on exclusion from lesbian and gay space and biphobia in the gay community, and highlights three bi groups in the North of England.

Read it here.

Nicola’s second Olympic Gold

Nicola Adams (MBE) has won her second Olympic boxing gold medal, and there’s been positive coverage mentioning her sexuality such as here on LGBTQnation.

Earlier in the month she told Vogue “No one’s ever really cared about me being bisexual and I only came out because  I had always been out, it’s just the general public didn’t know. I’m quite fearless,” she continues. “I’m like, let’s just go out there and do this and see what happens.”

Maybe packing a punch helps journalists take you seriously.

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