Sharon and Katie

We picked up another couple of bi celeb headlines this week, as Sharon Osbourne and Katie Hopkins both talked about their attractions in the press.

The X Factor judge Sharon commented that she felt it was “too late” to explore her sexuality. On American chat show The Talk she put it that, “I always think everybody is gay – so am I. I am not a little bit gay, I am extremely interested in the fact of what I missed out on. But it is too late now.”  Not using the B word in itself but otherwise sounding strongly in the bisexual camp.

Many people coming out either later in life or in a stable monogamous relationship might relate to that feeling. The silly notion that you are only bi if you have dated at least “one of each” holds some of them back from owning the word bisexual for themselves.

Meanwhile Katie Hopkins got bi headlines too, though for a rather less committed claim. The Mirror excitedly declared her bisexual after she said she would “swing both ways” given the chance in a BBC interview, but this led to a rapid retraction to the Metro.

The original giggly declaration did sound rather like flirting with the idea of experimentation rather than a meaningful outing: an “I’d try” rather than “I desire”.

So that’s Sharon onto our team and Katie still playing for one of the others. What will next week bring?

Geordie Shore star’s bi journey

The Sun reports on Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson coming out as bisexual, here.

It’s a positive story in that it reflects a journey of finding your identity, having always found women attractive but not had the courage or understanding to own the “bi” label.

There is also a side story of telling people you think you might be bi in a somewhat jokey way, judging their responses and deciding whether it is safe to come out as a consequence.

We think a lot of bi people can relate to those experiences.

In the depths, the bisexual Kraken…

GayStarNews reports that all male squid of a particular species are bisexual, here. The squid’s solitary lives and cannibalistic tendencies during sex are cited as possible reasons… so not the most bi positive story ever.

Alan Cumming: why do bis have to keep doing this lifting?

Alan Cumming is interviewed in the Irish Independent about his life and work. Exploring his biography it seems he gets frustrated at talking about being bisexual:

“It’s not about me being bisexual. I get a little tired of everything – if I was straight, you wouldn’t think that I should make references to the fact that I was straight, so it just feels a little bit double standard-y. The whole bisexual thing keeps coming up, and I just think that, eventually, hopefully, we’ll all live in a world where we don’t talk about it as much and just get on with it.”

As not talking about it goes, it sums up the problem of bisexuals having to keep coming out all their life through as compared to gay people. So, a positive piece…

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