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bis and magazines 2013 bar chart

Graph: websites people use often

The results are in… the annual BiCon survey data has been crunched and here are the findings on magazines and social media. 

And the key findings from 2013 are: we love facebook more than any other social network ; and while around half of us enjoy browsing a copy of BCN, we don’t really read the gay press!

OKcupid is much the most popular dating site, not surprising given it can handle bisexuality in a way many dating sites can’t.

LiveJournal’s prominent role in bi social networking has faded, now ranking behind Twitter, Facebook and BDSM social site FetLife.

The survey looks at bis who attend the biggest bi event of the year, and so reflects not the “bi in the street” but those actively connected to a bisexual community or for whom being bi is an important part of who they are.

bis and magazines 2013 bar chartThere’s much more to the survey findings than just these two areas though.  You can read the report on the BiPhoria website.

Massive response to bi survey!

Add your voice to the throng!

Add your voice to the throng!

News in from 2014’s annual BiCon Survey – they’ve had the biggest response ever to the survey, 50% higher than last year!

BiCon is the biggest bi event of the year, held in a different city each time.  It was in Leeds last weekend; next summer’s venue has not yet been announced.

The survey helps reflect who comes to BiCon and how this is changing over time – as well as what attendees hope to get out of the weekend.

If you were at the 2014 BiCon, there’s still time to send your BiCon Survey in. Post it to the BiPhoria address printed at the top of the form and on the envelope it came in.

BiCon unveils timetable

BiCon 2014 logo

BiCon 2014 is on August 1-3

Thinking of coming to this year’s big bisexual gathering BiCon?

The handbook and programme grids from the programme page are now available to read online and there is also an accessible word version of the large print handbook.

The organisers say: “Don’t worry, you will get a printed copy as well when you check in, so you don’t have to print it, but we thought you’d like to see the lovely things we have in store!”

If you might only be going for one day the programme may be useful to help decide which day of BiCon you would get the most out of.

BiCon is in Leeds on August 1st-3rd and is preceded by the BiReCon bisexuality research conference.

Read more here.

BiCon calls for more counselling volunteers

BiCon 2014 logoThis year’s big bi gathering BiCon needs more volunteers to help make it happen – one area they could specifically do with help in is with volunteers for the listening support offered during the course of the conference.

They say, “if you have a counselling qualification or training and experience on a helpline, we need volunteers for the listening service at BiCon this August. Get in touch if you need to know more.

“Please email info@bicon2014.org.uk to find out more”


BiCon sets session deadline: 27 June

BiCon 2014 logoWant to lead one of the daytime sessions at this year’s BiCon in Leeds?  You’ve got just seven days to make your mind up and submit the outline, if you want it to be in the printed programme.

The organisers say of daytime (“workshop”) sessions: “whether you would like to run one or ask that one be run on a particular topic, please email info@bicon2014.org.uk.

“Note the deadline for getting sessions into the handbook is the 27th June there will be some free slots for sessions to be organised at BiCon itself, but there’s no guarantee of getting a space, so earlier is better!”

Past daytime activities have ranged from presentations of research to games of human space invaders, from photo shoots to talking about being out as bi at work.

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