2014’s Summer Bi Conference bookings open

BiCon 2014 logoBookings are now open for BiCon 2014.  It will be held at Leeds Trinity University in Horsforth near Leeds from Thursday July 31st to Sunday August 3rd 2014 – the second time it has been held in Yorkshire.

BiCon is an annual weekend-long gathering for bisexual people, their friends, partners and others with a supportive interest in bisexuality.

While visitor tickets are available on the day as well as pre-booked, if you want to come along for the whole event and to stay in the on-site accommodation, you must book in advance.

Find out more on the BiCon website.

Have you sent your BiCon survey in?

BiCon 2013 logoThis year’s BiCon bi convention had two surveys of attendees (think of it as 100% extra free compared to most years!) – one asking for general information for the annual BiCon survey, the other looking specifically at experiences of biphobia.

If you were there, and the surveys are still sitting on the kitchen table from where you unpacked after Edinburgh… please get them filled out and into the post!

Thank you! 🙂

BiCon 2014 sets a date!

BiCon 2014 logoFollowing BiCon 2013 in Edinburgh, the date and venue for the 2014 BiCon have now been announced.

It will be held on 1-3 August 2014, in Leeds.

The Twitter account for the conference is already up and running and the web page is live – though naturally there will be a lot more information there in a few months’ time.

Before BiCon begins there will be a BiReCon bi research & theory conference held as part of the wider BiCon space on 31st July.

Bi Visibility Day site relaunches

Bi Visibility Website

New look September 23 site

September23.bi.org, the website which started more than a decade ago to record UK events to mark the date now includes information about events elsewhere in the world too. 

The site has had a major makeover to gel better with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – and look a little less 1999.

It now aims to both record past and upcoming events to mark 23rd September each year, and to host and signpost resources and information useful to people doing bi visibility work both on the Day and all year round.

The site is jointly hosted between bi web hub Bi.Org and UK bisexual magazine Bi Community News.

BiCon Grows Bigger!

BiCon 2013 logoThis year’s BiCon was the biggest UK BiCon yet, announced the Closing Plenary session earlier today.

The Edinburgh event saw  311 people attending over the four days from Thursday to today,

The International BiCon in London three years ago was bigger, with 430 people attending the conference or attached BiReCon research and theory conference.

Last year’s event hit 300 attendees, previous to which the biggest UK BiCon had been the 273 people at Manchester in 2004.

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