Bis miss awards again

The results are in for the inaugural Scottish LGBTI Awards – with two bi community nominees going away empty handed.

Ayrshire LGBTQ beat Edinburgh bisexual group Bi & Beyond to the title of Community Group of the year.

And BiCon lost out to LGBT Unity Scotland for the Diversity Award, which recognises the people and initiatives which have sought to involve and include diverse identities.

Not surprisingly, Event of the Year went to the introduction of same-sex marriage. That’s going to take some following in next year’s shortlist – and some bragging rights: “our event is as important to life in 2016 as legalising marriage was the year before”.

In other categories, Lorraine Kelly won Journalist of the Year, trans support service Beyond Gender took the gong for Youth Project, while Glasgay won the Cultural Festival award. All told 15 awards were presented.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP – recipient of the Politician Of The Year award – was amongst the guests at the first Scottish LGBTI Awards ceremony this evening, held at the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow.

BiCon Holland sets a date

netherlands-flagThe Dutch bi network LNBi has set a date for this year’s BiCon Holland.  The annual gathering has been running since 2009 and like the UK’s much older BiCon event is a mix of discussion spaces and socialising for bisexual and bi-friendly people to get together.

It’ll be on 25 – 27 September – the weekend closest to Bi Visibility Day.  More details will emerge later in the year but for now, especially if you speak Dutch, pop the date in your diary.

Watch this space on Facebook.

New (fictional) bis

Bis On Film

Bis on film!It’s been a good week for bi visibility in fiction. 

Comic book hero Catwoman came out in the latest edition (which adds another canonically queer character to current TV show Gotham) leading to plenty of bi-positive reporting across the press.

Meanwhile sci-fi show The 100 had its first same-sex kiss, leading to a tweet from the show’s producer confirming lead female character Clarke to be bi and suggesting the door is open to other bi characters too.

Notable though that – for all Catwoman may technically be 75 now – they fit a “most acceptable bi” mould of being young, lithe, sexually charged white cisgender women. It’s been a good week, but the breadth of bi representation on television is still not quite there.

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