Queen can’t stop Manchester Bis

It's business as usual up North

We’ve had a little note from Manchester Bi social & support group BiPhoria.

With the double Bank Holiday weekend you might have been thinking their group meeting this Tuesday would be cancelled or postponed – no, they’re going ahead as usual with their monthly talky space meet-up.

Be there: 7.30pm, at the LGF building at 5 Richmond Street, in the city’s gay village.

More info about Manchester bisexual shenanigans here.

Public Service Announcement: Comments

From time to time we have comments posted to BiMedia stories, which either in their words or in an attached link are promoting this or that bisexual dating site. Sometimes there’s a connection between dating and the subject of the story it’s a comment on… but, well, let’s just say “not always”.

For the record following some such recent comments: if you’re promoting a dating website and its services exclude transgender / genderqueer people, you’re never going to make it past the comment approval stage.

We shall now return you to your regular bisexual news programming 🙂