Calling bi academics!

We are delighted to help announce Academic Bi, a new International (English-language) Mailing List/Yahoo Group. It has been started by a Bi-identified Israeli Academic and Activist for the Discussion of and the Exchange of Information and Ideas about Topics related to Bisexual/Pansexual Theory, Queer Theory and the Academic Study of Bisexuality, Pansexuality, Fluidity, et. al.

Other things that would be appropriate to Post to the Group include but are not limited to:
o Calls for Submissions
o Internships
o Scholarships
o Requests for Participants in Studies
o RFP’s (Request For Proposals)
o Announcements of Publications of Works pertaining to the subject(s)

To join send an email to academic_bi-subscribe (at) yahoogroups (dot) com

The list announcement sees this List as an important “Also” rather than as an “Instead of” some of the older more established Academic LGBT Lists, where it is vital to also keep Bisexual, Fluid, Pansexual & Queer-identified Voices, and hopes that there will be much Cross-pollination.

BiCon website goes live

BiCon London 2010

The BiCon 2010 website is now open to visitors with plenty of information about next year’s biggest bisexual event. The late August convention includes the UK BiCon, 10th International Conference on Bisexuality, and second Bisexual Research Conference (BiReCon).

Booking forms for the event are available to download, and BiMedia understands that online booking facilities will be going live soon.

BiCon 2010 website

BiCon 2010 website

Bi at Work

Stonewall's "Bisexual People In The Workplace" guide

LGB lobbying group Stonewall have released their first publication to focus on bisexual issues.

Stonewall’s “Bisexual People In The Workplace” guide reflects that despite many great strides that have been made to achieve sexual orientation equality in workplaces across Britain, many bisexual men and women still feel unable to be themselves at work.

They say:

This guide, the sixth in a series from Stonewall and the first to capture the experiences of bisexual employees, shows that the discrimination they often face can prevent them achieving their full potential at work. These experiences are often quite distinct from those of their lesbian and gay colleagues. Too often stereotypical assumptions and beliefs about bisexual people and their lives, from both straight and gay people, mean that they feel unable to access the very initiatives that are meant to support them.

Bisexual People in the Workplace provides a practical resource for organisations that want to know more about the issues bisexual people face in the workplace and want to include bisexual employees in their diversity initiatives. The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 define bisexuality as a sexual orientation towards persons of the same sex and of the opposite sex.

The guide is split into four sections;
* Key issues for bisexual staff
* Developing effective policy and procedure
* Engaging bisexual employees
* Evaluating success and continuing progress

It can be downloaded from the Stonewall website here.

Get those surveys in!

The BiCon survey 2009

The BiCon survey 2009

Were you at BiCon this summer? If you didn’t return your BiCon survey while you were there, please do get it filled in and in the post to the Bi Research Group soon – the address is on the front of the survey. The more completed forms they get, the better the picture of British bisexuality and BiCon attendees they can assemble.

The survey has been run annually since 2004. The first results of the 2008 survey recently appeared in Bi Community News.

Got a bi teeshirt?

The bisexual teeshirt archive is an online collection of photos of bi teeshirts made around the world over the past twentyfive-plus years of the bi movement, assembled by Bi Community News.

If you have a bi teeshirt – for instance from an event such as BiCon – that they don’t already have a photo of in their archives, they’d love to hear from you. And like the personal ads used to say – with photo preferred!

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