Bi Visibility stall in Manchester

Outreach stall

Manchester – today sees a Bi Awareness stall running all day at the main University’s student union building on Oxford Road to mark Bi Visibility Day.

Local bi group BiPhoria tell us:


“We’ll be running a bi stall in the entrance of the main student union building all day, with info about student support as well as BiPhoria and other bi organisations”

“Drop by and see us between around 10am and 4pm!”


Painting Merthyr Tydfil purple

Painting Wales purple?


Merthyr Tydfil – delighted to report another Bi Visibility Day event today in Wales!

The Visible group will be getting together to celebrate Bi Visibility Day at VAMT (Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil), from 11am-2pm.

Venue details:

Voluntary Action Centre,
89-90 High Street,
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 8UH

Find out more in Neath

Painting Wales purple?

Painting Wales purple?Neath is home to another Bi Visibility Day event in Wales!

South Wales Police are bringing their engagement van with a load of Bi information to Neath town centre from 11am today Tuesday 23rd September.

Pop along, say shwmae and find out more!

Manchester Remembers #BiHistory as part of Awareness Week


Manchester kicks off the week of Bi Visibility Day today with a Bi Coffee meet & chat focused on our community history.

The city has a long record of bi activism, with the UK’s longest-running bisexual group and BCN magazine published there since 1998. But it also has a history of challenges, with a city council that had the non-existence of bis as a matter of policy through the 80s and 90s, and a gay scene notorious for “no bisexuals” door policies up until the passing of the 2005 Goods & Services Act.

The meet will be followed by an outing to see Pride, a film about the relationship between some queer rights campaigners and pit workers at the time of the 1984 coal miners’ strike: an era when bis were especially invisible and scapegoated within gay and straight communities alike.

Find out more here on Facebook.

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