Bi triangle in Vietnam

lac_gioi2Vietnam’s first bi-themed feature film has opened to packed cinema crowds in Ho Chi Minh city.

The film follows relationships between a bisexual man (played by Trung Dung), a gay man (Binh An) and a straight woman (Mai Thu Huyen), making clear the love, commitment and affection they have.

Publicity for the film signals bisexual and queer content with two poster designs – the one we show here and another in rainbow flag colours.

It does however play into the ‘queer people live tragic lives’ cliche: the bi and gay characters are an older man who has escaped from prison, an young gay man in his early 20s shunned by his parents.

Some 800 people came to the opening screening last night.

Nominations open for Bi Book Awards

Bi books

Bi booksSubmissions are now open for its third annual Bisexual Book Awards.

Any 2014 book with a bisexual character, bisexual storyline, bisexual subject matter or bisexual theme, is eligible for submission. Awards are open to all authors regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Books can be submitted by the author, publisher, or the Bi Writers Association (BWA), however, anyone may contact BWA to recommend a book. There are nine categories total, seven of which have open submissions.

Books are judged on three main criteria: 1) quality of overall writing; 2) quality of writing about bisexual material, characters & themes; 3) quantity of bisexual material. A panel of judges will decide each category. Finalists will be announced by the first week in April, and winners will be announced at the Bisexual Book Awards, tentative date, Sat May 31 of 2015. The Bisexual Book Awards will be preceded by BWA’s annual multi-arts reading, which will feature finalists of the awards.

“Bisexual books and bi writers have few opportunities for recognition, even at LGBT Book Awards, so the Bisexual Book Awards is our answer to that,” says Bi Writers Association director Sheela Lambert. “In addition to recognizing books and authors for their achievements, the Bisexual Book Awards process creates a complete annual list of bisexual books for readers, and encourages more bi-themed books to be written and published,” says Ms. Lambert.

To submit a book, send an email to the Bi Writers Association at fuscialadybug (at) netzero (dot) com with: name of book, author name, publisher, year of publication and whether it is fiction or non-fiction; then request a nomination form.

Bisexual Book Awards Guidelines are available on the BWA website at

Bi Tweeting reaches half a million

thunder280Hundreds of twitter users took part in a mass tweet for Bi Visibility Day this morning to help boost awareness of bisexuality.

In a tweet with a social reach of over half a million people a message went out:

Happy #BiVisibilityDay twitter-friends! Raise the #BiPride flag & click to learn more:

Among those taking part were ILGA Europe and The Trevor Project as well as the more ‘usual suspects’ like Bisexual Index, Stonewall and Bi Community News.

The ‘thunderclap’ tweet is the first of two today – one timed for morning in the UK and Europe, the other similarly scheduled for a USA & Canadian audience. The later tweet will fire this afternoon for users in Britain: you can still join in by signing up with your twitter account here.

Equality minister welcomes Bi Visibility Day

Jo Swinson MP

Jo Swinson MPEquality minister Jo Swinson MP welcomed the sixteenth Bi Visibility Day this morning, saying:

“I’m proud that this has been a momentous year for LGBT equality. The first marriages of same-sex couples have taken place in England and Wales, and the UK has once again been ranked number one in Europe for LGBT rights.

Sadly some prejudice remains, which is why I’m very pleased to welcome Bi Visibility Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the lives and experiences of bisexual people throughout the country and tackle the barriers and challenges they can face.

I hope that Bi Visibility Day 2014 is a great success and gets more people thinking about the B in LGBT.”

As Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs and for Women and Equalities, Jo is the Lib Dems’ equality minister in the coalition government. So far we’ve not heard anything about Bi Visibility Day from Conservative opposite number Nicky Morgan, but the day’s not over yet…

The Bisexual’s Electronic Guide to the Universe

cover - the bisexual's guide to the universe

cover - the bisexual's guide to the universeWith a name that honestly isn’t riffing on a Douglas Adams novel, The Bisexual’s Guide To The Universe is a hugely popular collection of bi argument, experience and geekery. And now it’s been released as an e-book on the kindle.

Which is a great help, as the print copies are getting harder to find.

Other books will tell you how it’s OK for bis to date straight or gay people. This breaks it down into the tongue-in-cheek pros and cons of each combination. Want a list of bi films? Other books give you films with bis in. This breaks it down into what fun category of film you’re looking for: don’t mind bad acting, don’t mind a lack of plot, don’t mind a lot of blood… You get the idea

It’s not perfect – genderqueer readers may feel quite left out by the bouncy men-this women-that writing style, for example. It’s American and in places the gap between US and UK culture, especially US and UK bi culture, starts to show. They don’t realise Bob and Rose was a different show from Gimme Gimme Gimme. But it is just about the most fun bi book you can keep about the place.

Get it here

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