Passports Beyond Binary

Julian Huppert MP
Julian Huppert MP

Julian Huppert MP

42 MPs have now signed an Early Day Motion to allow intersex, genderqueer and other nonbinary gendered people to have accurate and honest passports.

At present they are obliged to have passports marked F or M for female or male; the motion, tabled by Cambridge MP Julian Huppert, would allow an X passport.

It’s been blocked by the civil service on account of causing problems at immigration – implausible given other countries already have the facility. If our border control can cope with foreign X passports, they can surely cope with British X passports too.

Check if your MP has signed here. Remember ministers can’t sign EDMs.

The full text reads:

That this House recognises the issues faced by those in the UK who identify themselves as non-gender, bi-gender or intersex; believes that many of those who are non-gendered or bi-gendered feel compromised and diminished as a result of inappropriate gender references on their personal identity information; acknowledges that all passports issued by HM Passport Office are currently gender-specific and it is therefore not possible to obtain a passport that contains no reference to gendered identity; understands that, alongside F (Female) and M (Male), the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Document 9303 already contains X (unspecified) as a permitted character for three permitted characters under the mandatory sex element for machine-readable travel documents; notes that in Australia and New Zealand citizens are able to obtain a non-gender specific X passport and that India, Nepal and Pakistan also recognise the legitimacy of X as a preferred option when M and F are not appropriate; further believes that allowing this possibility in the UK would go a long way to amend this discriminatory policy which denies non-gendered and bi-gendered people a legitimate identity; and therefore urges the Government and HM Passport Office to make non-gender-specific X passports available to those UK passport holders who do not identify with a particular gender.

What do bis read…

bis and magazines 2013 bar chart

Graph: websites people use often

The results are in… the annual BiCon survey data has been crunched and here are the findings on magazines and social media. 

And the key findings from 2013 are: we love facebook more than any other social network ; and while around half of us enjoy browsing a copy of BCN, we don’t really read the gay press!

OKcupid is much the most popular dating site, not surprising given it can handle bisexuality in a way many dating sites can’t.

LiveJournal’s prominent role in bi social networking has faded, now ranking behind Twitter, Facebook and BDSM social site FetLife.

The survey looks at bis who attend the biggest bi event of the year, and so reflects not the “bi in the street” but those actively connected to a bisexual community or for whom being bi is an important part of who they are.

bis and magazines 2013 bar chartThere’s much more to the survey findings than just these two areas though.  You can read the report on the BiPhoria website.

Lightning strikes twice: tweet again for Bi Visibility!

thunder280Bi Visibility Day could be given a second massive splash on Twitter this year with a second “Thunderclap” tweet.

An initiative of the website, the thunderclap is a co-ordinated tweet with already over 100 Twitter users joining in to all post the same message at the same time on the morning of Monday 23rd September.

There is now a second thunderclap timed for the afternoon – that one will fire in the morning for internet users in the USA, Canada etc, who would mostly be asleep when the UK/ EU tweet fires.

Join in the morning tweet here.

Join in the afternoon tweet here.

Do sign up for both!

Painkiller Jane: The Film

Painkiller Jane

Painkiller Jane: from inky comic to onscreen action, again

In need of a bisexual superheroine? Ten years on from the first film version of graphic novel Painkiller Jane, a new film is being touted about the bisexual undercover policewoman.

The film is to be directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska, according to Hollywood Reporter website. We look forward to seeing a good trashy indie action flick in due course.

Ani plays London on Bi Visibility Day

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco90s bi indie icon Ani DiFranco has announced three UK gigs around Bi Visibility Day this Autumn.

They include a performance in London on Bi Visibility Day itself – which also happens to be Ani’s birthday.

  • Queens Hall Edinburgh, Fri 19th Sep 2014

  • Manchester Cathedral, Sat 20th

  • Union Chapel, Islington, London, Mon 22nd

  • Union Chapel, Islington, London, Tue 23rd

Tickets from £22.50

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