BiCon begins!

This year’s BiCon opens this morning with an opening plenary at 9.30am, before the first day of panels, workshops and fringes. Today’s topics include basic BSL skills, asexuality, mental health and being out in the workplace.

Day tickets and weekend passes are on sale and you can check the programme for the weekend on the BiCon website. Come on down and join us in Bradford!

BiCon’s Got Plans For The Evening

BiCon 2012 logo

BiCon comes to Bradford

This year’s BiCon in Bradford has announced its evening entertainments programme.

The organisers say:

Thursday – On Thursday evening the bar will be open for you to relax after your journey, catch up with old friends and maybe make some new ones.

For those of you who like a challenge, we’ve also arranged a treasure hunt around the campus. You’ll have two hours to find a list of 25 items, with points awarded for creativity as well as how many items you find. There’s even a dubious quality prize! Come to registration at 7pm if you’d like to take part.

Friday – Friday night is movie night. We’ll be screening Alex Morris’s documentary bi•sex•u•al•i•ty, followed by Deepa Mehta’s 1996 classic queer movie Fire.

bi•sex•u•al•i•ty was filmed in part at a previous BiCon. Alex says: The film itself details my personal journey “during the making of the film” when making the film, which is represented by both video diaries and voice-over narration. It also features various talking-head interviews with people of all different sexualities and opinions and as the film goes on those opinions are, in some cases challenged. The people in the film range from academics to those with more of a personal connection to the subject matter. The film sets out to hopefully delve deeper into what bisexuality, how it is thought of today, and hopefully how it could be looked at differently in the future.

Fire tells the story of a pair of sisters-in-law who fall in love in the midst of a dysfunctional family. The film met with some controversy when it was released in India; with cinema managers being violently attacked and riots exploding in the streets screenings of the film sometimes happened under police protection. You can read more about Fire on the IMDb page for the film.

Saturday – Saturday sees the return of the BiCon Ball. You can find out all about the Ball here.

Sunday – We’re winding down on Sunday with the bar open til midnight. If the weather’s good, you’ll probably find people relaxing on the ampitheatre outside the bar until late.

No matter what’s going on, we’ll always have a quiet space available, as well as board- and card games that you’re welcome to borrow.

BiCon unveils daytime plan

This year’s BiCon gathering of bi and bi-friendly people has published its daytime timetable.

The provisional conference programme is subject to change but a pretty good guide to what will be happening and when, especially for anyone planning to come as a day visitor on just one or two days of the conference.

This year’s BiCon is in Bradford, the first time in the event’s history that it has come to Yorkshire. Find out more about BiCon here and read the programme here.

Need a helping hand to go to BiCon? Act soon.

BiCon 2012 logo

BiCon comes to Bradford

With less than three months before this year’s BiCon gathering of bi and bi-friendly folk, we wanted to highlight an important date coming up in two weeks’ time.

The organisers say, “Accessibility to all is one of BiCon’s core values. We want you to be able to enjoy BiCon regardless of disability, sickness, childcare commitments or income. One of the main ways we help people to come to BiCon is provide financial help in meeting their needs through the Equality Fund.”

If you want to apply for help from the Equalities Fund please note the deadline for applications is Friday 1st June 2012.


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