BiCon 2011 starts here!

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You may have only just finished unpacking from the 10th International BiCon last weekend, but the 2011 BiCon is already off and running.

After a successful bid at this years DMP, next years BiCon will be held in Leicester (same campus as 2008’s) from Thursday 1st September till Sunday 4th September and a perfect way to close the Summer and ease you into the Autumnal Season full of bisexual energy.

Their website is up, complete with prices and booking forms, if you have any questions for the team, please address them to and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Big Bi Fun Day!

On May 22nd the first ‘Big Bi Fun Day’ will be held in Leicester. BiMedia asked the organisers to tell us more – here’s what they had to say:

Big Bi Fun Day (BBFD) is a one day (technically, one afternoon) UK community event where we’ve organised a space for bisexuals and allies to meet up, relax and socialise with other bisexuals and allies. It will be held in a family friendly venue and we hope that bisexuals from all over the UK (and anywhere else) will take this opportunity to come along and meet people from different regions, catch up with friends and have a fun day out.

This is not an exclusive list but you may want to come if you…

* are already part of the bi community
* want to attend bi events but need a venue that is family friendly (children are welcome)
* want to attend bi events but don’t want to meet in a pub
* are an attendee of a regional bi group who wants to meet up with attendees of other regional bi groups
* just want to hang out and relax with bisexuals and their allies!

When is Big Bi Fun Day?
It will be on Saturday 22nd May 2010 in Leicester from 1pm to 5pm.

Please have a look at our wiki for more information:

Making Bi Britain happen

After this weekend’s Manchester BiFest, the next date in the bi calendar is just a few days away with the 10th UK Bi Activism conference in Leicester.

The event is suited to anyone who is working on bi inclusion and visibility, running bi groups and organisations, or would like to do so or help people who are doing. Find out more by joining the UK Bi Activism email group.

If you’re looking to meet other bi people, or find out more about bisexuality, you’re better holding on til the Birmingham BiFest in November.

Bis at Leicester Pride

Leicester Pride - Saturday 5th September

Leicester Pride - Saturday 5th September

This weekend is Leicester LGBT Pride, and there will be a bi stall and – if enough people join in – a bi entry in the parade. Coming along and joining us could make all the difference!

The march starts at 12.45pm on Saturday and will congregate on High Street from 12pm, with street preformers to entertain you. If there are enough people then we will march as a bi contingent. Bi at Pride have provisionally booked us into the march in the hope enough people will come to make an entry worthwhile. Meet at the bi stall on Belgrave Gate at 11.30 if you want to march.

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