Manchester Remembers #BiHistory as part of Awareness Week


Manchester kicks off the week of Bi Visibility Day today with a Bi Coffee meet & chat focused on our community history.

The city has a long record of bi activism, with the UK’s longest-running bisexual group and BCN magazine published there since 1998. But it also has a history of challenges, with a city council that had the non-existence of bis as a matter of policy through the 80s and 90s, and a gay scene notorious for “no bisexuals” door policies up until the passing of the 2005 Goods & Services Act.

The meet will be followed by an outing to see Pride, a film about the relationship between some queer rights campaigners and pit workers at the time of the 1984 coal miners’ strike: an era when bis were especially invisible and scapegoated within gay and straight communities alike.

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LGBT History Month

@bisexualhistory - Putting the B in LGBT History Month

@bisexualhistory - Putting the B in LGBT History MonthFebruary is LGBT History Month in the UK.

Here are some resources on bisexual history that might be useful to anyone running LGBT History Month events this year – or interesting to anyone wanting to pick up on some snippets of bisexual history.

The @BisexualHistory twitter and facebook account gives a daily (for most days!) snippet of bisexual history “on this day…”.  It’s here on twitter and here on facebook.

In 2012 we ran a series of pieces here on BiMedia with moments of bi history from the UK. Click here to see those articles and any others tagged for LGBT History Month.

And Getting Bi in a Gay / Straight World from BiPhoria has a bi history timeline on pages 12 & 13. Here it is on issu or you can order print copies from their website.

LGBT History Month gets musical theme

lgbt history month 20142014’s LGBT History Month theme has been announced, and it’s music.

The organisers say, “Every year HM is represented by a famous ‘face’, to inspire you to create….this year we have 4! Benjamin Britten, Angela Morley, Bessie Smith, Ethel Smyth”

The four seem to have been chosen to give each of the letters of the LGBT acronym representation.

2013’s theme was science, maths and engineering, while 2012’s – tying in to the Olympics – was sport.

LGBT History Month has been marked in the UK each February since 2005.  Find out more here or read our past stories on bi history and LGBT History Month here.

@bisexualhistory collates our past

LGBT History Month 2013 logo

LGBT History Month 2013 logo

February is LGBT History Month – last year here at BiMedia we did our 29 Days Of Bi History to celebrate, which you can still access by clicking on the Bi History tag.

This year we’re pleased to welcome the @bisexualhistory project which has started tweeting and aims to find “a bit of bi history for every day of the year”. Over 200 days of the year already accounted for with at least one slice of bi life on that day. It’s a project that is only just starting in 2013 but could run and run.

Follow them on twitter – and feel free to tweet at them with bi dates to add to the collection!

LGBT History Month – with 3.5% extra free!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History Month begins today with events all across the UK over the coming 29 days (it’s a leap year so we get that little bit more history this time!)

Last year there were two bi-specific events that we know of (in London and Manchester) celebrating bi history, but this year we don’t know of anything especially pertinent to bis going on. Please do tell us about things we’ve missed!

At BiMedia we’d like to mark LGBT History Month by giving a little dash of visibility to a different bit of bi history each day of February – but we will need your help. Please nominate – whether a person or event – a little bit of bi history you think we should include. It might just be a name or an event, it might be you could add a paragraph or two about what it was and why it mattered (or who…) – we can mention your name or keep it anonymous.

Hopefully by the end of the month we may have quite a Bi History timeline getting going, which can then be built on as a resource for bi visibility in LGBT History Month in years to come.

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