Winchester bis: this time it’s Monday

8pm, this Monday night in the Hyde Tavern in Winchester it’s the monthly meetup for bi folk in and around Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Winchester-based Bi Wessex group is unlike most bi groups in that it meets not on a fixed day of the week but on a fixed date in the month – the 23rd, so that one meeting in twelve is on Bi Visibility Day.

Keep in touch with them on twitter as biwessex.

This week

After a busy time with bi-themed events marking LGBT History Month it’s a quiet week this week.  The first bi group meet-up in our diary for the week is in Brighton on Thursday – 112 Church Street, Brighton, more info on their website. On the same night, BiWessex meet up from 8pm at the Hyde Tavern, Winchester.

Next week it’s the start of the new month and we’ll have a plethora of bi meets for you, including news of the Glasgow group’s new meeting venue. Watch this space!

Happy Bi Day!

23/9 – Bi Visibility Day

A proud and happy Bi Visibility Day 2010 to all our readers!

With at least ten events to mark the date around the UK this is the highest profile that the date has had since it was first marked as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day in 1999.

You can find out about events in Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Winchester at

A fistful of celebrations

In under two weeks it will be Bi Visibility Day – also known as International Celebrate Biseuxality Day.  The awareness-raising date this year will see events in Bristol, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Sheffield, and Winchester: maybe more – let us know!

You can keep up with everything going on to mark the occasion via the special website,