Dating bi guys

The Bi-deology Project is a new web documentary series giving voice to the experiences of straight women in (and out of) relationships with bi men. Though it’s being filmed and produced over in the USA no doubt a lot of what they will have to say will chime with people’s experiences over here in the UK.

The team behind it say:

Straight women dating bisexual men? The topic is a first for the documentary world. Writer and Filmmaker Arielle Loren first thought of directing and producing “The Bi-deology Project” after a personal experience with a self-identified bisexual man who was sleeping with men while dating her.

The Bi-deology Project is a compelling, exquisite documentary series that explores the experiences of self-identified straight women who have dated men who also engage in gay sex and dating. As the “heterosexual” relationship is assumed to involve two strictly heterosexual individuals, what becomes the expectation of partners who are attracted to both sexes? With the overly sensationalized media focus on the “down low” bisexual man and the assumed negative relationships involving heterosexual women and men who engage in bisexual activity, the cast of “The Bi-deology Project” discusses the uniqueness of these mixed orientation relationships, both positive and negative, and what heterosexual women can learn from men who don’t have an exclusive straight sexual identity.

The series will be released monthly online featuring celebrity guests, bloggers, ordinary women, and sexuality experts. To learn more about the series, visit their website

At, we look forward to future installments!

Dublin Calling!

Calling all bi folks in and around Dublin! BiMedia have been contacted by a journalist wanting to document bi life and experience for a radio programme.

He says:

I am making a radio documentary on the bisexual community in Dublin. I am looking for bisexual guys and girls of any age willing to take part in the documentary, which will explore the (perhaps ignored?) bisexual community.

The documentary will look to find out who bisexual people are, what they do, what makes them unique, and very importantly it will look to educate others about bisexuality and challenge misconceptions about the sexual orientation.

The radio documentary is part of a project in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), but may be broadcast or adapted for print elsewhere inside and / or outside the college as well. Recording for the documentary will take place during the next two to four weeks and will be carried out in the studio in DIT or in the interviewees home or wherever best suits.

If you are interested in taking part in the documentary, please get in touch direct rather than through BiMedia. Email jonathanadamsdublin [at]

Bye bi from Rose…

The final episode of season one of Rose By Any Other Name is out… While Anthony struggles to find a way to get Rose back, Rose finds herself being pulled in two different directions – keeping her friends support and being true to herself. The “B-Word” makes its first appearance! Catch it above or on Youtube here

Helping out Auntie

Tackling bi invisibility on TV - and radio

Tackling bi invisibility on TV - and radio

The BBC have commissioned research into the portrayal of lesbian, gay and bisexual characters in order to better represent them onscreen. As part of this research, they’ve set up an online survey to canvass views and opinions.

You can take part here

"Wilt thou be gone?"

Episode nine of bi-themed YouTube series Rose By Any Other Name is online now. Our star crossed lovers have kissed, but will the misinformation Anthony got from his friends put an end to their romance before it gets started? Meanwhile Veronica and Chris disagree on their idea for a fun evening out.

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