5 Live ask: Is everyone bisexual?

“According to Freud everyone is born bisexual. Is he right?” asks tonight’s Richard Bacon phone-in show on Radio 5.

They say, “Is everyone at least a bit bisexual? Are we all on a spectrum. Is bisexuality the natural way we are? Is it our upbringing and society that shapes to go one way or the other. Or are most simply born straight or gay – and a tiny minority born bisexual?”

“We’re bi-curious to know what you think.”

The programme starts at 22:30 tonight on BBC Radio 5 live, Thursday 17 September.

Getting to London BiFest

The organisers of London BiFest have added a video to YouTube to help people find the venue and also provide practical information about physical accessibility of the building. Find out more about this Saturday’s big bi date at london.bifest.org

Bi the way it's LLGFF time

The London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival starts next month with two screenings of a bi film in what has in the past sometimes been criticised for being an “LGbT” event.

In “Bi The Way”, two American filmmakers hit the road to explore bisexuality in an educational, eccentric and entertaining documentary. From the streets of New York to New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations to a small town Arizona diner, people of all sexual persuasions and walks of life discuss their assumptions, opinions, and desires around bisexuality. Psychologists, theologians, sexologists, historians, and cultural critics weigh in on the history of sexual behavior and cultural beliefs, and five profiled bisexuals discuss their experiences and struggles coming out as bi.

“Bi The Way” screens on 30 March and 3 April. Read more and book tickets here.

The Bi Shop

British bisexual magazine Bi Community News are furthering their fundraising efforts by opening up an online shop in collaboration with Amazon.com. BCN editor Jen Yockney says, “Each time people make a purchase through the website it gives us a few pence – at no extra cost to the buyer compared to buying books, DVDs and so forth from Amazon in the usual way. In turn that money will help to keep Bi Community News publishing and to pay for our ongoing outreach and awareness work.

BCN is one of the biggest bisexual organisations in the UK. In addition to the regular magazine they produce resources like the “Both Directions” guide to coming out as bisexual, organise national bi activism conferences and provide a postal mailbox for local bi groups getting started.

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