Volunteers’ Week comes to an end

Volunteer week 2014Over the past week, hundreds of events have been held across the country to say thank you to volunteers, recognising the important contribution they make.

Almost all the bi community events, groups and support depend wholly on volunteer effort – so it has also been a prompt for many to say thanks to the people who make them happen, and for some to step up and offer to share the workload.

Maybe now’s the time to become a bi volunteer yourself?

BCN magazine has an article in its archives with lots of ideas of ways you can get involved in bi volunteering – whether you have ten minutes to spare just now, a day every week, or anything in between.

Sara Gilbert slams media biphobia

Sara Gilbert

American actress and TV host Sara Gilbert laid into bisexual erasure in the media this week on CBS show The Talk.

Co-host Sharon Osbourne joined in as they criticised the pressures both to be out as gay or bi for fear of being outed by the press, and how people in the media eye like Maria Bello and Tom Daley who go public about same-sex relationships have a ‘gay’ label pressed on them as part of a culture of bisexual erasure.

Sara, probably still best known in the UK for the role of Darleen in Roseanne, observes, “there is a pressure for people to label themselves as gay or straight… people don’t like that and people immediately go ‘they’re one or the other and they don’t want to say it’ – and I don’t believe that.”

Youtube clip below:

Happy birthday Bi Community News – new issue out now!

BCN magazine - issue 121The new issue of Bi Community News magazine is out with features on Bi Visibility Day’s biggest September ever, bisexuality research and the Google bi ban.

It’s the magazine’s 18th birthday edition, having launched back in the autumn of 1995. The first edition, entitled simply “issue zero”, included a ballot paper to decide what the name should be.

The new BCN also reports on bis in the media, the new wave of local bi social & support groups, has photos from Prides around the UK. Get your copy!

Manchester talks Bis in the Media

Bis on film!Tonight sees the last of many events tied to Bi Visibility Day in Manchester with a screening of the film Kissing Jessica Stein, followed by discussion of the portrayal of bisexuality in the media.

It’s free and starts at 6.30pm at the LGF centre, 5 Richmond Street, M1 3HF. Drop on in – the popcorn’s waiting though you’ll need to bring your own giant-size soda to complete the cinema experience!

BiCon on Dublin City FM

BiCon 2013 logoDublin City FM’s regular LGBT show devotes most of this week’s episode to the upcoming BiCon in Edinburgh.

Sam Rankin, one of the BiCon organising team, talks about what to expect each day at the event and is put on the spot about which bits of the weekend she’s looking forward to most.

You can listen here.

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