Woman’s Hour Talks Bi


Bisexuality on the Beeb

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour this morning had bisexuality as one of its topical topics, following on from stories claiming popster Jessie J is really a lesbian and not bisexual. The author of a new biography claims people around Jessie believed being bi was a fashion statement which would increase her marketability compared to being a lesbian: the claims have been refuted.

Louise Carolin, the Deputy Editor of Diva magazine and Surya Monro from Huddersfield University who is currently writing a book about bisexuality talk about bi identity, biphobia and what the Jessie J story says about attitudes towards bisexual and lesbian women in pop culture and the wider world.

You can listen to the programme segment here.


14th November 1930: Marlene kisses in Morocco

Marlene Dietrich kisses another woman in the 1930 film Morocco, and performs a song dressed in a man’s tuxedo – all very daring in its day. Her character, Amy Jolly, slips a man her room key moments after kissing a woman – and that’s clear-cut bisexuality in film in our book!

She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Leading Actress.


Submit your favourite bi people and events to remember for LGBT History Month – see here for details

22nd October 2006: Everything Changes

“Everything Changes”, the first episode of BBC television’s Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood, aired in the autumn of 2006.

Aimed at an older audience than Doctor Who, the programme follows the adventures of a group of alien hunters in Cardiff – one of whom is a popular character from Doctor Who, Jack Harkness.

The programme won praise from the bisexual community for its positive, normal portrayal of bisexuality: most of the team are bisexual but most of the time this is just a part of who they are rather than a point of drama or tension.

Series three of the programme, the five-part Children of Earth story, explored the situation of a bisexual man coming out to his family.


Submit your favourite bi people and events to remember for LGBT History Month – see here for details

That was 2011

Tis the season to write reviews of the year, so jumping on a bandwagon for once…

Our bi year highlights:

* The biggest UK BiCon ever with 297 people over four days in Leicester

* Bi Visibility Day on 23rd September having a bigger profile than ever – Bi Day website september23 reported double the traffic they had in 2010 (and two bi events marking LGBT History Month – not a lot, but twice the previous best!)

* Good bi coverage from Auntie for once as Tom Robinson talked bi past and bi present on Radio 4

* That New York Times headline breaking the shock news that Bisexual Men Exist.

* Bi community activists being invited to Obama’s White House LGBT reception (sadly the same didn’t seem to happen over here for Number 10’s LGBT shin-dig)

* Jessie J as an out bi woman sweeping the boards at the Mobo awards

* Bristol BiVisible launching Greedy, the first regular bi club night in the UK since the Fencesitter’s Ball closed down

* Manchester BiPhoria launching Getting Bi In A Gay/Straight World, a very pretty and pocketable publication

* Four people presented with Cake Awards recognising their work in and for the bi community

* A massive bi showing in the Homo Hero awards with bi nominees making the three-name shortlist in every possible category

* Also in gong news – Stonewall’s awards shortlisting bis Jessie J and Lady Gaga

* And many more bis in the media talking openly about being bi

* Civil partnerships on religious premises going through, and date set for the move toward same-sex marriage. It’s a slow path to our relationships not being treated differently depending on our partner’s gender, but we’re getting there!

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