More Bi Radio!

BBC GMR talks bi tonight

There’s a positive bisexual radio explosion this week!. Tonight on BBC Radio Manchester, members of local group BiPhoria are interviewed about the new bi pocket guide “Getting Bi In A Gay/Straight World”.

They’ll be talking about the guide and the reasons for raising bi visibility, the launch event tomorrow night, and the context of bi history in the city during Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans History Month. Tune in between 9 and 10pm.

Bis on the Radio II

Tune in at 7.30pm

It’s Manchester’s turn for bis on the airwaves tonight, as local radio station for Stockport Pure FM interviews Holly Matthies from local bi project BiPhoria.

The group are launching a new pocket-sized guide to bi life, “Getting Bi in a Gay/ Straight World”, next Tuesday.

There will be a special launch event on Tuesday at the Inspire Centre from 7pm. Find out more at the Facebook event page here, turn up on the night, or watch this space!

Bis on the radio

Resonance FM London logo

Tune in on Tuesday!

Sue George – the author of the early 1990s groundbreaking book “Women and Bisexuality” – will be talking about bisexuality and the bi community on London’s Resonance 104.4 FM radio this Tuesday (8 February), between 6.30-7 p.m., as part of their LGBT show.

Sue will be talking about ’20th Century Bi’, the London bi history event on 12 February in Conway Hall, at which she’ll be main speaker and chairperson. (Tickets still available at £5 here)

[edited – correction, broadcast date was Tuesday 8th]

New Year Fun

Someone pointed us at this fun little YouTube video. Bringing together many of the daft things people say about bis into a short mock public information film – while the comments on youtube suggest a few people took it a bit too literally, we found it a good giggle.

And with that, a happy new year to all our readers!

It gets better, Rose

If you’re queer and online it’s been hard in the last month not to pick up the “It Gets Better” project, making short videos where people who had a hard time growing up because of biphobic, homophobic and transphobic bullying talk about how that is a tough time but life does improve especially once you leave school. A brilliant initiative, using the widespread and easily accessed technology of YouTube and blogs to reach people in need of support cheaply and without needing the help of the mainstread media.

Though the first few videos often focused on lesbian and gay young people’s experiences, there are now more “It Gets Better” videos being made aimed at supporting bisexual young people who are being bullied. Actors Stephanie Riebel, Fay Wolf, and Kristen Howe from web mini-series “Rose by any other name” have got back together to film one – with the help of filmmaker Kyle Schickner and the American Institute of Bisexuality. Take a look:

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